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First, I'm glad you're here. Second, I do not know how you found me. It could have been through one of my youtube tutorials, you could have seen this guy "Bruce Banks" helping another trader on a forum, or you could have been refereed here by one of my students.

Either way, Thank You. Let's get started.

Quickest Bio Ever:

I started to train traders about using market profile, technical analysis, and minor fundamental analysis after I was flooded with questions in my day to day life. I would answer the common question, "what do you do?" with, "trading.". This only peaked people's interest, and created a thousand questions. This website, my YouTube channel, my Udemy Courses, and every piece of content I put out is to answer all of these, and the ever increasing more questions.

I had the great opportunity back in 2014 to join forces with the team over at TASMarketProfile.com.  I had been using their Market Profile indicator for over a year, and got to know their team. Over the last few years I've assisted in moderating trade rooms, helping over at their community, and producing an entire 3+ hour course on how to use TAS Boxes and TAS VEGA together.

Bruce Banks

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