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Using special techniques with Market Profile to give you an edge


A Red Light Green Light indicator based off of TAS Boxes to indicate bullish and bearish entry opportunities

TAS Boxes

Market Profile based information broken down into High value, Low value, and Point of Control

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TAS's version of Market Profile information with customization, real time, Market Profile information on your charts *Free*

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Market Profile.

As traders we are given a lot of data, and are tasked with deciphering it into viable trades. This data can be interpreted in many different ways, and this results in 1000's of different trade strategies. From the simple, to the complicated.

Market Profile, in short, takes the Volume at Price (VAP) or Volume at Time (VAT) to give you a graphic representation of where buyers are in the market.

Why does this matter?

That Market Profile provides you with the key information on where traders are making trades, and not just where the price reached in a certain period of time.

If there is a high volume of trades at a certain price, you can gather that that price is considered a fair price for that particular stock, future, Forex pair, or CFD at that particular time.

That information gives us an edge when we are deciding when/if we want to place a trade. This is simple technical analysis.

Bruce Banks

The difference

Why I started Using Market Profile

As trader, we all want an edge to our trading strategy.  Market Profile gives you more, previously unseen, information as a base to your technical analysis.

I've known traders who spent hours calculating a Market Profile for the day's trades manually, TAS offers a live updating market view as the day's trades progress, bar by bar.